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Friday, July 31, 2009

Unfounded gelosy

Her smile
shreds me with caution,
it hounds me without mercy,
and then, it tears
my will up
Her serenity
is so frightening
that makes the panic spread
into my cowards
and insecure thoughts.
And all the foundations
of an indestructible passion
give their way before the jealousy seism.
Her eyes
are two destroyers,
her hands
are two submarines torpedoing me
with their ill-fated strokes.
Her silence is a guillotine,
how I would like to be telepathist!
or at least a clairvoyant,
maybe an inexistent shadow;
like the sun's shadow
that always passes unnoticed.
Yet, finally
my destine is not the one I want it to be
but…those circumstances force me throw.
Where did stay the free will?
If really there was such thing
I personally
would choose to be a poet,
a singer,
an actor,
a scientist
or an astronaut.
I would choose to be born in Sirius
or in Alpha Centaury
or in Andromeda, even better…
I would even choose
to be born in a super cluster
so far away from this Milky Way
that I would never know about her existence.
Therefore I would not have to forget her
I could not remember her,
nor I must go back
to the inert and sporadic past,
to the voluminous, vacuous
and empty past
that traps me continuously.
My God!
How many nonsense I am writing?
Do not answer me, at all…

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