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Friday, July 31, 2009


What is this soul that shines within?
What is this feeling that cries inside?
Can it be truth that soul is sexless?

One time female and then a male
and then again...
again female.
If I had been so many times
as man as I may now be seen...
If I had been so many times
a girl, a woman, an older mom...

How can it be that I don't know
what is the meaning of your distress?
How can it be that I don't get
what are the feelings of your good-byes?

Maybe there is another life,
maybe all men have to be women,
maybe all women must end as men,
maybe you'll see from all my pains
while I'll watch from your big eyes.

Maybe only then we'll understand
that there is not such kind of thing
as the great man or the great girl.
Or maybe we all are kind of them:
greatest of greatest parts of mankind.
I do not care if you are not important
because you are, at least to me.

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